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Lincoln File

Hour-Long Series. Action | Adventure, Sci-fi

As the United States collapses under genocide, an orphaned 16-year-old girl is suddenly transported to the 19th century in a last-ditch effort to save the future.

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"The script truly presents as an epic." 


* On Coverfly's Red List - TOP 5%

* The #2 Ranked Action | Adventure Pilot of 2021 on The Black List

Shrink Retreat Poster.JPG

Shrink Retreat

Comedy. Feature. Written with Sarah Mack

A burned-out young therapist tries to rekindle her passion for helping others at a secret retreat for psychologists, but it turns out the leaders of this wacky summer camp are all a bunch of board-licensed lunatics.

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Laughing Yoga

"Laugh out loud funny!" 


* On Coverfly's Red List - TOP 4%

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